Flora and Fauna

Nueva Costa del Plata environment conservation

In order to take care of the coastal natural ecosystems of the Rio de La Plata river, the project manages the identification and preservation of those riparian ecosystems.

The riparian ecosystem, product of the coastal dynamics, is preserved and integrated into the project as a landscape, educational and natural buffer component, preserving the beaches and marshes, the woods and the grasslands and its fauna and flora inner wealth.

Environmental Impact

The sustainable development plan of the enterprise is based on important pillars such as studies on the environmental impact, field and cabinet research on the physical, biological and socio-economic area, studies on the internal and external basin and joint efforts of biologists and environmental associations.

Nowadays, a marginal forest management plan is being developed as well as an environmental monitoring plan to evaluate the quality of the different resources (air, ground and water) according to the Avellaneda Municipality requirement through its Environmental Impact Proclamation.

With the works in progress, native trees, ceibos, willows, curupíes and other species have been identified. These natural species will be extracted and relocated again in special places for their preservation and protection.

Water Mirrors

The project incorporates 40 hectares of Water Mirrors

These water bodies are preserved and integrated into the urban landscape projected through the preservation of existing vegetation and fauna. The project proposes a program of social activities Waterfront, integrating conditions prior resignifying nature of the place and the site from creating the new link emerged between environmental proposal and property. Water mirrors spaces are not currently included into the urban fabric and, from the environmental point of view, it is necessary to rehabilitate and integrate them.

The Río de la Plata river adds a distinctive element to the project, with nice and open views at any point from which it is observed, because of the exceptional natural space where the project is developed.

Green Lung

Nueva Costa del Plata project takes place in an area of 220 hectares of private land, where 170 hectares (75%) will be assigned for public use (including coast, parks, water mirrors and streets) and the conservation of forests and wetlands, and only 50 hectares (25%) will be assigned to buildings for different uses. In addition, the property is surrounded by a large green area of approximately 450 hectares, which will turn the area into a protected green lung with outstanding dimensions.

In the design of the urban area, urbanists have prioritized to avoid affecting the environmental value and improve the quality of current coastal flora and fauna. This can be ensured by the environmental management plans being developed, which include the eradication of exotic species that threaten native species.

Sustainable Development

The Urban Project contemplates an environmental management plan, in order to protect the nature, the use and implementation of criteria and favorable materials for the environment and use of the latest technology.

In this way, the whole venture is held on three essential and interdependent pillars: social development, economic development and environmental protection, seeking to create long-term conditions to let the needs of today's citizens not compromise the conditions and development opportunities of future generations.