Many studies were carried out, all performed by renowned national and international experts, including the National Technological University, the University of La Plata and Urban Office, among others.

These documents form the base from where the project will continue to growth, along with the commitment to further develop all analyzes required by the project to preserve and protect natural resources.

Several Studies

Environmental Studies introduced by The Nueva costa del Plata Project

Environmental Impact study
Environmental Management Plan
Marginal Forest Management Plan

Infrastructure Studies

Latino Consult: Service Provider ( water, gas, electricity and sewer). It has the feasibility of the providing companies.
Ezcurra Schmidt: Hydraulic modeling on the Río de la Plata river.
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional: External basin drain. It has the approval of Hydraulics from the Buenos Aires Province.
La Plata University: Coast defense and internal drains design.
F&B Associates: Land topography.
Tecnomak: Studies and traffic modeling.

Urban Project

EDSA: Edward Stone Jr. & Associates (Miami, EE.UU.)
Oficina Urbana (Converti-De Marco Architects): Master plan and urban design.
Ernst & Young División Real Estate (M. Pato) Economic feasibility and brand position.